Students and Educators

We want to inspire students to value fact-finding, good governance, and bipartisan cooperation as well as to sharpen their investigative skills and their ability to engage in public policy debates with civility.  

How we involve students

We offer a variety of educational opportunities for Wayne Law students, high school students, and educators interested in oversight and good governance. 

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For High School Educators

Through our Learning by Hearings high school content modules and after-school program, we provide high school students an opportunity to experience what it’s like to conduct fact-based, bipartisan oversight hearings.

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For Wayne Law Students

We offer programs exclusive to Wayne Law students such as Legal Summer Internships working on congressional oversight committees in Washington, D.C., our “Lawyering in the Nation’s Capital” externship program, career panels, and much more.

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Find out more about oversight

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Portraits in Oversight

Scholars, educators, the public, and even legislators are not always sure what is meant by the term “oversight.” To help explain, we’ve compiled short portraits of important congressional oversight investigations as well as Members of Congress who set key oversight precedents or otherwise left their mark on the oversight world.  Join us for a quick history walk!

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Levin Center YouTube Channel

We have a broad library of recorded events, panel discussions, and interviews accessible on our YouTube channel. 

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"Oversight Matters" Podcast

Our “Oversight Matters” podcast interviews the people behind oversight investigations, journalists, oversight experts, and scholars. Listen now or subscribe in your preferred podcast app. 

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People-Centered Oversight

Working with residents and community organizations and leaders in Flint, we are designing, testing, and evaluating strategies and technologies that empower people to share their lived experience with government programs, and to provide direct data input and feedback to NGOs, lawmakers, and the media about the real-world impacts of government policies.